Special visitor in Reception!

On Friday 13th October, Reception had Mrs Elmore’s pet Rabbit visit. His name was Ash and the classes loved having him for
the day. They spoke about what Ash likes eating and drinking. They also observed him for the day, watching how he behaved.
Most children were given the opportunity to hold the rabbit and feel his soft coat. Whilst Max was passed around the class a
few of the children’s comments were:

“Look he’s malting, his hair is falling everywhere.” William
“He is Ginger” Logan
“He eats carrots” Hallie
“He loves to eat hay.” April
“He is very soft” Arishae
“He is kicking me with his leg!”Amallei
“He is moving his leg because he is shy.”Lolla

One of the children Ava decided to draw a picture of Ash, which she then held up against the cage to show Ash. Mekhi also
drew a picture of Ash with teachers assistance. He was very proud of this. They had great fun and loved having the rabbit visit their class. There was lots of laughter throughout the day.