Superheroes in our community

The Children in Reception have been learning about Superheros in our community. They learnt about firemen and policemen.

We had a fire engine and fire fighter dress up area in our outdoor learning environment. The children pretended to put out fires and also learnt about fire safety (Stop, Drop and Roll). We then moved onto superhero stories where they learnt about Supertato. We had actual vegetables that we dressed up into Superheros as that is what the Supertato story is about. The children then told the story themselves, drew their own story maps and innovated the story into their own story.

Following on from this we had a Super Hero dress up day. Each child was able to come to school dressed up as their favourite Superhero. The children absolutely loved this. We spoke about what super power each child had and role played throughout the day. It was an exciting and fun filled day for all.