Year 4 visits Buster Ancient Saxon Farm

On Wednesday 10th of January, we went on a school trip to Buster Ancient Farm in the countryside of the South Downs National Park, Hampshire.  We were divided into two teams; the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings.

We learnt about the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings as this links to our theme in History. Activities included; learning how to wattle (we made a fence that could also be used as a basic structure for a wall), we did some digging as archaeologists would have done in search for artefacts, we learnt how to write our initials in Anglo-Saxon and Norse runes using flint and chalk. We also made a string of wool (for a bracelet) from a clump of wool, by using a spinning technique that the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons would have used to make their clothes. I’m glad we’re not living in Saxon times, as children our age were working on farms or training to fight!