Year 3 – Science trip

Year 3 set off for the Look Out Discovery Centre in Bracknell to enjoy a Science trip.

You may have seen on Twitter that Ladybirds and Caterpillars were at The Look Out Discovery Centre on Tuesday 6th March to learn more about the Topic of Forces and Magnets.  We had a fantastic time with the hands-on science activities on offer and were able to launch a hydrogen rocket and send a huge, hot air balloon skyward as well as investigating the magnets which held piping to an enormous metal wall.

We tried everything and even climbed the eighty-eight steps to the top of the tower to look out over the forest below!

After lunch we had time outside on the woodland adventure playground and, only when we were sure there was nothing left to explore, climbed back into the coach and returned to school. Wearier but definitely wiser!