Newsletter 11 now out…

The terms’ seem to be flying past since my arrival which is both exciting and frightening at the same time! As a staff we are working really hard to ensure your children continue to receive great learning opportunities in order for them to make progress and achieve.  Thank you for your continued support with this by; reading everyday, coming to school everyday and on time.

I thoroughly enjoyed the ‘certificate assemblies’ this week for Key Stage 1 and 2. Lots of children being rewarded for collecting our diamond reward tokens for keeping our diamond rules.  I have heard lots of talk from year 2 and 3 about their trips last week to the Lookout and Oxford’s Natural History Museum. These trips are a great way to motivate children into being more curious in their learning.

Another highlight for me this week was the homework exhibition on Wednesday after school.  Lots of high quality work displayed which would have been created by children and parent’s working together—just brilliant!

Other news linked to our school improvement journey—I have met with the new Head of Education for Reading Borough Council, Paul Wagstaff, this week and he was impressed with the focus shown by the school to improve the quality of education for all children here.  We also had a visit from Mrs Marion Standing, our ex interim Head and Diocese link, and she commented positively on the changes to the school environment and the calm focus of children in their classrooms.

Our focus for this week and next will be the assessments that children have completed in each year group.  We meet with each teacher individually to understand how we can enable children to learn faster and learn more so that they have the best opportunities later in life.  Finally, I have to mention Year 6, both children and staff are working like absolute Trojans’ to ensure they are ready for their SATs.  Keep it up Year 6, you will be rewarded!

Candida Hutchinson

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