Gardening club

Gardening Club has been running for several years and is currently on Thursdays, straight after school. Some children even bring along their parents and grandparents.

We get expert advice from Mr Kirsty, who is a member of the Southcote Gardeners’ Association and an allotment holder. The Southcote Allotments are bordering our school and children regulary visit the allotments to get inspiration and learn from other gardeners.  Mr Kirstys’ advice is invaluable and always on hand to answer some very “tricky questions”.

Over the years we have entered various items from our garden in the annual Southcote Gardener’s Association Show.

Our Gardening Club takes care of our ever-expanding vegetable/herb allotment. We have also well established fruit trees and are hoping to harvest fruit and vegetables during autumn.  Children learn how to grow a range flowers and vegetables, how to take care of our increasingly beautiful flower beds and the woods and how to respect the natural environment.