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We believe it is vitally important for all children to feel successful and to have their achievements recognised and celebrated. We do this in a number of ways, including a weekly celebration assembly whereby children who have produced a good piece of work or made a significant improvement are recognised. A child from each class receives a certificate which identifies their success and they are photographed for our Honouree Record of Achievement Folder which is displayed in reception.

Achievements celebrated might be of an academic, sporting, or creative nature. Twice a month, every class teacher sends home two postcards to parents which highlight and celebrate an area of the curriculum in which their child is excelling or making significant progress. School clubs, such as gardening and choir, alongside our sporting teams, regularly share their achievements with the school in assemblies. Classes also celebrate achievements outside of school, allowing shared success for all.

The children are also recognised for displaying special behaviour, such as taking responsibility, perseverance, and caring for others. Each week, a child from every class receives a community award certificate which is voted for by their fellow classmates. Children are encouraged to recognise those among them who have made a positive contribution to our school community.

The school places high importance on attendance and punctuality, and this is celebrated weekly. The class with the best weekly attendance receives a trophy and class certificate. The class, at the end of each big term, who has the best weekly attendance receives a whole class treat of their choice. In the past, classes have chosen to hire a climbing wall for the afternoon, watch a movie, or hold a class party. The class with the best punctuality (least number of late marks) receives a box of chocolates to share every week. Every child in a class that achieves 100% attendance with no late marks also receives the prize of a special pen to keep.

In addition to the weekly certificates, children collect diamond points which can be traded for merits. Diamonds may be given to any child who is seen to be following our Diamond Behaviour Rules in class, around school, or at lunch and break times, and may be given by any adult. Once children have accrued 10 diamond points, they can be traded for a merit sticker that counts towards receiving special certificates, medals, and trophies. Every term, parents are invited to a special celebration assembly where children are presented with these awards.


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Other Awards and Accreditations

St Mary and All Saints has also achieved the following:

  • Winners of Reading Bloom School Garden Gold Award 2018
  • Developed a Partnership with Coley Park Football club

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