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Our school curriculum

Intent, Implementation, Impact

At St. Mary & All Saints our aim is to develop the whole child. We achieve this through a values based, language rich and knowledge-centred approach to teaching and learning. Our aim is to weave these three themes through everything we do.

Curriculum Intent

Values-Base Intent:

To develop responsible citizens.

Our intention is to develop and maintain a set of shared values, which recognise our church distinctiveness, our diverse community and prepares our children for a rapidly evolving, modern world.

Language-Rich Intent:

To develop effective oral and written communication skills. To cultivate a culture of reading and a school wide appreciation of the written word.

Our intention is for children to have the language to communicate their thoughts and ideas with clarity and precision.

Knowledge and Skills Intent:

To develop lifelong learners.

Our intention is to ensure all children are challenged and supported so they can achieve their very best.

Curriculum Implementation

Values-Based Implementation

As a school, our ethos is built around a foundation of core values, namely appreciation, compassion, love, perseverance, respect and trust. These values are the basis for the social, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and moral development of our children. Each term we consider a different value and embed this through:

  • Whole school and key stage assemblies
  • Displays of children’s work
  • Class discussions
  • Modelled behaviour
  • Curricular content
  • Positions of pupil responsibility such as school councillors and librarians

Language-Rich Implementation

The key language and vocabulary needed by children in every subject is identified in planning and explicitly modelled by staff. Sentence stems and generalised statements are used across the curriculum to support and model the correct use of appropriate vocabulary. Challenging, high quality texts are used to provide a model of written vocabulary. Our aim is to improve oracy skills and cultivate a culture of reading. To help support this, staff are encouraged to enhance learning by modelling the effective use of spoken English and promoting the benefits of reading.

Knowledge and Skills Implementation

The National Curriculum is the base for deciding upon the knowledge and skills that the children will be taught in each year group and the progression of skills in place across all subject areas. Our curriculum is designed to ensure that, where possible, learning is relevant to our diverse school population as well as the wider community. Cross curricular links are beginning to enhance learning experiences and give context to the knowledge acquired and skills taught.

Where necessary, the curriculum is adapted to ensure that all learners can access learning from their own starting points.

Children are given regular opportunities to reflect on their learning and to share what they know. This might be in the form of a quiz, a presentation or a discussion during lesson time.

Curriculum Impact

We measure the impact of our curriculum through:

  • Data analysis for maths, writing and reading
  • Regular pupil progress meetings
  • Work scrutiny, lesson observations and conversations with pupils.-
SMAS Curriculum Intent Download
EYFS Curriculum Overview Download

Curriculum maps 2021/22

English Curriculum

Phonics Download
Reading Download
Writing Download
Every Time I Write Download

Mathematics Curriculum

Mathematics Curriculum Overview Download

Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE)

PSHE Statement of Intent Download
PSHE Jigsaw Overview Download

Modern Foreign Languages Curriculum Overview Download
Personal Social Health Education Curriculum Overview Download
RE Curriculum Overview Download
Art and Design Technology Curriculum Overview Download
Computing and ESafety Curriculum Overview Download
Geography Curriculum Overview Download
History Curriculum Overview Download
Music Curriculum Overview Download
Science Curriculum Overview Download
PE Curriculum Overview Download


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