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There is a national curriculum set for each subject and each year group that ensures children at White Horse School get the best education possible.

Foundation Stage

In the foundation stage, children deepen their knowledge and understanding by talking, exploring, observing, planning, questioning, experimenting, testing, repeating, reflecting, and responding to adults and to each other. As its name suggests, the foundation stage is the very foundation for all future learning.

The first stage of your child’s learning journey at St Mary and All Saints Primary School is spent in our foundation stage. Our enriched learning environment is made up of a 78-place nursery (39 children in a session at one time) and a 60-place reception area.

Every child and every family is different, so we strive to cater for all needs. We begin by getting to know your family before your child even enters our school. We provide the opportunity for a home visit in the nursery in order for you to get to know staff within the setting. During this visit you will be given the foundation stage booklet with information about the early years foundation stage (EYFS) curriculum, the day-to-day running of our learning space, and the way in which we work together. Children are also invited into school on a pre-visit to ensure a smooth transition into school.

Key Stage 1 and 2

At St Mary and All Saints Primary School, we are committed to achieving the three core aims at the heart of the national curriculum, enabling children to become:

  1. Responsible citizens.
  2. Confident individuals.
  3. Successful learners.

English, maths, science, and computing are embedded within the school curriculum, supporting the development of children’s learning, thinking, and personal, emotional, and social skills.

At St Mary and All Saints, we provide a creative curriculum that links subjects together through stimulating and exciting topics. Our curriculum offers opportunities to explore and develop a better understanding of our local area, where we are in the world, and the issues that affect us. Teaching and learning supports the wide-ranging learning needs of each child and involves practical, hands-on learning experiences.

We also utilise the skills and knowledge of experts from outside the school; topic-related trips and visitors to the school provide unique learning experiences that support the aims of our curriculum.

The national curriculum is organised into six areas for learning, covering a wide range of subject areas:

  • Understanding English, communication, and languages — English and modern foreign languages.
  • Mathematical understanding — Maths
  • Scientific and technological understanding — computing, science, and design technology.
  • Historical, geographical, and social understanding — history, geography, citizenship, and religious education.
  • Understanding the arts — art, drama, dance, and music
  • Understanding physical development, health, and wellbeing — Physical education, personal wellbeing, and economic wellbeing.
SMAS Curriculum Intent Download
EYFS Curriculum Overview Download

Curriculum maps- Term 2 2020

Click here to see all the 2020 curriculum maps.

English Curriculum

Phonics Download
Reading Download
Writing Download

Mathematics Curriculum Overview Download
Modern Foreign Languages Curriculum Overview Download
Personal Social Health Education Curriculum Overview Download
RE Curriculum Overview Download
Art and Design Technology Curriculum Overview Download
Computing and ESafety Curriculum Overview Download
Geography Curriculum Overview Download
History Curriculum Overview Download
Music Curriculum Overview Download
Science Curriculum Overview Download
PE Curriculum Overview Download


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