School Dinners

At St Mary and All Saints Primary School, we understand just how important it is for young people to have a healthy and balanced diet. That is why our school dinner menu is filled with a variety of nutritious, high-quality meals. We cater for a variety of tastes, with a diverse range of options available every week, including vegetarian dishes.

Our school catering service is delivered by Caterlink, our school meals provider. All meals are 95% fresh, with food sourced locally with a high proportion of organic products. There is a simple payment processes and the ability for your children to order their meals electronically direct from the classroom.

Special Dietary Requirements

Some children may have specific dietary needs (e.g. for medical or religious reasons). If this is the case, please contact the school office. Full details of policies relating to special Dietary Requirements and Allergens can be found on Caterlink.

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Paying Online

Making an online payment is straight forward. Once you’ve registered to make online payments via the ParentPay website you will receive two email confirmations:

  1. To confirm your registration.
  2. To confirm the account’s activation and your ability to make payments into it.

To pay for your child’s lunch online, simply select ‘West Berkshire’ and the link will take you direct to the secure website. Once your account has credit, you will be able to order your child’s meals online or they will be able to place their order electronically in the classroom.

Eligible for Free School Meals?

If you are in receipt of income support, income based job seekers allowance or some other credits and allowances, your child is entitled to receive a free school meal. The process is very straightforward.

Please register as the school receives additional resources based on the number of children eligible for free meals, which is to be spent specifically to help eligible children.

Packed Lunches

We have a Healthy School Policy and as such ask that packed lunches reflect this ethos. Therefore, please do not include fizzy or soft sugary drinks (water, milk or pure juices preferred) or sweets/chocolate based snacks in your child’s lunch box and think again before including salty snacks. Please also do not include nuts (or Peanut Butter) in your child’s lunch box as some school children have nut allergies.

School Milk

Pupils are entitled to free milk up to their fifth birthday. If you wish to continue after your child’s 5th birthday, you may register and pay for the milk through Cool Milk.